One Size Fits All 

A bike grip designed for you, by you.
Our hands come in all shapes and sizes and vary from person to person. Bike grips must therefore fit the individual hand in terms of shape, length and diameter.

The larger your hands, the thicker the bike grips must be to ensure optimum distribution of pressure. Conversely, thinner bike grips are better for smaller hands.

That's why we offer the world's first custom-made and configurable bike grip. We give you the chance to design a bike grip for you, by you.

What are the causes of hand and wrist pain while cycling? 

Hyperextension of the Wrist

Within your hand there are two main nerves (the ulnar nerve and the median nerve). When cycling, if you hyperextend your wrists, the nerves get compressed causing pain and numbness.

Excessive Pressure

Putting excessive pressure on your hands when supporting your body weight can cause tingling, numbness, and pain.


Prolonged vibration exposure when cycling through rough terrain can damage your nerves.

4 features for more comfort


The grips have an enlarged surface with a wing that prevents the hyperextension of the wrist and distributes the pressure evenly.


The grips are made of high-quality silicone, which provides optimal damping and reduces the strain on the hand.


The silicone provides excellent grip even in wet conditions.


Our silicone grips are a lot more durable compared to bike grips made from rubber or cork.
You won’t have to deal with grips that become sticky or dissolve after a short period of time.